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As a decorative coating or as a protective coating, E-Coat is an increasingly popular alternative to other coatings such as electroplating, lacquering, painting, anodizing, and powder coating. E-coating is often termed "environomic". It is an environmentally benign process in comparison to competing technologies and therefore economical. Low cost is just one of the many benefits E-Coat offers. Among the others:

VERSATILITY: E-coat can be applied to any electrically-conductive metal: brass, aluminum, zinc, etc. It can be used as a base coat, top coat, or single coat. It functions to enhance the appearance of parts and/or to protect the surface of parts.

COSMETIC APPEAL: E-Coat paints are available in a wide spectrum of transparent and opaque colors, gloss or matte. E-Coat applies a super-even finish--no dripping, no pooling, no gaps.

CORROSION PROTECTION: All parts coated evenly inside and out. Complex parts can be coated even after assembly. Coating thickness regulated to range from .0002" - .001" depending on requirements.

UNBEATABLE DURABILITY: Tests to a pencil hardness of 4-5 H and withstands the most rigorous salt spray, adhesion, dialectric, acid resistance, and U.V. tests.

SUPER ADHESION: Because of the very nature of the e-coat process (see What is E-Coat?), a thin coat can be complete, uniform, tough, attractive, and still maintain engineered tolerances!

E-coat is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, chemical-resistant, temperature-resistant, and U.V.-resistant. It is a high-quality, low-cost alternative to powder coating, lacquer spray, anodizing, or plating.

And not only does e-coat frequently offer protective and cosmetic advantages over other coating methods--it also does so at a reduced cost. Make the "environomic" choice and try e-coat today!